Giller Prize to let the readers vote

For the first time ever, the Giller Prize will solicit votes from its readers to determine what should appear on the long list. Three cheers for this vision! There are some amazing works in the pot, but for some reason the worst ones seem to be the ones to make it to the top (well, in my opinion about that). Although this is for the long list only, it’s a definite start and could breathe much needed life here, as I was about to give up on relying on using the winning picks as a sound source for what to add to my To Be Read pile.

The National Post reported the announcement today:

To browse through the numerous candidates for the 2011 Giller, click on this link here: (isn’t that great?!) Guess I better start reading from the candidates pool so I can cast an informed vote.

This one looks pretty interesting too: