November's issue of Chatelaine introduces their Book Club

My November issue of Chatelaine arrived in today’s mail. Chatelaine has recently undergone a major transformation in their magazine, both in look and content. I was delighted to see that this month’s issue rolls out (in a very visually appealing manner) The Chatelaine Book Club. (although I note that if you go online, it appears to have started in August…)

This month’s pick is a great one, one that we’re very excited to since it follows her remarkable debut novel, The Birth House. Yes, November’s pick is The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay!

Chatelaine’s Book of the Month is described as, “Stealing Beauty: a gut-wrenching new novel about lost childhood set in 1870s New York.”

McKay’s inspiration for the book is reported as coming from a portrait of Ami’s great-great-grandmother, Sarah Fonda Mackintosh, hung above the piano in their Indiana home and has enchanted her since she was little. Sarah was one of the first female doctors in New York and specialized in women’s and children’s health. (sounds like inspiration for The Birth House too!)

So Chatelaine’s Book Club provides┬áthe chance to read along each month and join online for extras like Editor Chats, Author Q&A’s, Blog postings and Contests (win free fabulous books and more!). A suggestion for the Wink 3 Book Club? Read alongside Chatelaine’s?? What do you think ladies?

Chatelaine includes 4 more pages of books featuring the Man Booker Awards and their 10 fave Man Booker Winners. It also features Editor’s picks and includes the controversial book, Gold Mountain Blues, by Ling Zhang. (The author is in the middle of a growing plagiarism controversy charged by several Canadian authors including Wayson Choy.)

I’m looking forward to participating in Chatelaine’s Book Club each month!