The Giller Shortlist is Announced

and is anyone else out there as sighing big sighs of disappointment? Does it seem to you that perhaps they managed yet again to miss the mark? And, why does this list look way too similar to the Man Booker shortlist?

I just feel that so many have been left off the list and replaced with mediocre suggestions. Flashbacks of Fall , by Colin McAdams (a shortlisted pick in the year before last’s contest) and the Winner of 2010 prize, The Sentimentalists, by  Johanna Shively Skibsrud are rushing through my brain right now. That and, why do I bother getting worked up over the Giller prize nominees?

Although, I’m certain Michael Ondaajte has written a wonderful book, wasn’t this JUST released? Like last week? is that even fair?

Maybe I’m being too critical?

I’ve heard a number of good reviews for Half Blood Blues, also nominated for the Booker, and even one review where if it fails to win the Booker this reviewer has offered to eat her hat.

To provide quote from Chapters/Indigo, we’ll just have to wait for the Governor General’s Award to be announced before we get too agitated about those that have been left off the shortlist, ”

Conspicuous by their absence are Wayne Johnston and Guy Vanderhaeghe.  Alexi Zentner’s debut novel, the Northern Gothic  Touch was extraordinarily well reviewed, yet didn’t make the cut.  Marina Endicott, finalist for Good to a Fault (which also picked up the 2009 Commonwealth Writers Prize) was not so lucky for her second novel, The Little Shadows.  Speaking of second books, it is surprising how many of them are here – Bezmozgis, deWitt, and Edugyan are all sophomore efforts – and no sophomore slumps clearly.

The good news for Johnston, Vanderhaeghe, Endicott and all the other snubbed longlisters is that there’s another chance for them – the Governor General’s Literary Awards shortlist will be revealed on October 11th.”

The Giller 2011 Shortlist: