It was announced today that the University of Windsor Bookstore was holding a 30% off sale on all general reading books, including those already marked down. ☺ You know us well, you know that this little deal wasn’t going to be something that was passed up, so of course I ventured over during my lunch hour.

I must admit to one issue I found I struggled with staring down at the tables lined with books though…I’ve hoarded so many now that I found myself second guessing some titles that I thought I should pick up. Don’t I already have this one? Is this in my closet somewhere? Did I grab this one the last time?

At any rate, here are my 5 selected finds! All this for $22. Not too shabby! The most I paid was $7 for the hardcover of The Lady and the Poet.

(now…how do I get these home without being called out on them?)