The Tiger's Wife: A Review

The Tiger's Wife

The Tiger’s Wife.  Much ado about….. an unnamed country… a mysterious recurring character….. and many unanswered questions.  Countless wonder-filled reviews.  A-grades and 4 stars.  And yet, I felt a chronic detachment from the characters, and an overall frustration that loose ends were….. well….. forever loose.  Hats off to this author for an intriguing first-entry into the world of fiction, but be warned: if you delve into this book, you will come to the last page with no more information than you had on the first.  If anyone had an epiphany as to who The Deathless Man actually was, please share!  I don’t buy that “Death” was simply “everywhere,” because “Death” can’t lead you into an old cottage and show you his coin collection.