Book Review: The Shyster's Daughter

For better or worse I am a shyster’s daughter and regardless of my father’s guilt, I will defend him.

Thank you to Natalie at Julia Drake PR (a literary publicist) for sending The Shyster’s Daughter to us for our review. Both Jackie and I picked this one up at the same time and finished at the same time as well! We’ve each given it the same ranking too! ☺

The Shyster’s Daughter is Paula Priamos’ first novel, a memoir, about growing up with her criminal lawyer father, his shenanigans, and what those shenanigans meant and how they affected her whole family. More importantly, it’s about Paula’s unwavering dedication to her father despite his many and repeated flaws.

The Shyster’s Daughter is a fascinating, quick and wonderful read that both Jackie and I truly enjoyed.  Similar to Jeannette Wall’s memoir, The Glass Castle, Paula provides her readers with a very well written tale of her coming of age and adulthood occuring in the shadow of all her father’s and family’s immoral acts and the tulmultous life she was raised in.

You’ll discover plenty of family dysfunction in the Priamos household and will be surprised that although enduring as much as she did, things that would make most people fall apart or disown their family, Paula’s tale focuses on her steadfast support and dedication to her father. She starts the story with the discovery of his death and works back and forth in time, up to and including his death. Not satisfied with the quick and easy dismissal by his family and friends surrounding her father’s death, Paula spends time trying to uncover the truth and at the same time learns how to move forward and sew together the pulled apart seams of her own adult life.

Apparently, the title of Paula’s memoir caused some tension, which she explains here, taken from her web site. It can be read by clicking here.

Congratulations on your first novel Paula, we enjoyed it here at the Literary Hoarders, and thank you Natalie for sending it to our attention. 3.5 star read for us!

Ps. from Jackie: I also loved how Paula showed that there are none more loyal than the Greek immigrant family. No matter what happens, family is number one– they even stand by the losers. I worked for Greeks for 8 years at a restaurant and the family dynamic was virtually identical– from the grouchy old Yia Yia and Pappou to the the uncle that they were always bailing out (except he wasn’t a pervert– as far as I know). And strangely enough– we always referred to my old boss as “The Shyster”. Top job!