Audiobook Review: Elizabeth The Queen

Well, I was glad I listened to this one rather than read because I think there would have been a lot of skimming. Not that her life has not been an interesting one it is just the book read like a high-school history text– very informative but a bit dull in the narration. “The Queen went here, the Queen went there; she met this person, she met that person; the public approved of the Royal Family, the public no longer approved of the Royal Family”. Some of the stories I knew, some I didn’t, but in the end you can’t help but admit that no one is cooler than the Queen! This year is her Diamond Jubilee and she has remained constant in her duty to England and The Commonwealth for the last 60 years! It is going to be VERY weird when she is gone!

Pictures speak louder than words when it comes to The Queen– here are some fun things you may or may not know about Liz:

No one rocks a horse like the Queen!

She is a lover of the Corgi dog breed

She has met a lot of U.S. presidents

She has had her portrait painted several times

She has been married to Prince Philip for 63 years

She thought Diana was a media whore (according to this book anyways)

The Queen was pretty hot as a young woman…

…and then she got old

3 stars.