Well, i had to let this one percolate for a couple of days and i have come to the conclusion that this was a very difficult book to review. i did not hate it or anything but i did not like it either– and i think that may have been what the author intended.

as i read i felt:

  • Anxiety as i waited for the worst to happen (there was an impending sense of doom from page 1)
  • Bleakness because of the setting (it always seemed gloomy, overcast and wet– well, it is Newfoundland!)
  • Frustration at the emotional silence exhibited by the male characters (especially Eli, Lewis and Marvin)
  • Confusion and a sense of misunderstanding of the character of Wilda (how does a mother do that?)
  • Revolt but at the same time pity for the horrible character of Garret (Eww– creepy, nasty, pervert)
  • Empathy for Toby (the only character i cheered for– i sure hope her turns out ok!!)

Uncomfortable is the word i would best use to describe this book and for that a 3 star rating– it must be brilliant writing to wrangle such a gamut of emotions!