A Match Made for Murder, Iona Whishaw

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A Match Made for Murder is the 7th in the Lane Winslow series by Iona Whishaw (7th already?!). I became an instant and huge fan of this series when Touchwood Editions sent a copy of the 4th book, It Begins in Betrayal. I always enjoy a time well spent with Lane, Darling and Ames. I’ve come to absolutely love these characters and the playful and witty dialogue they share with each other.

A Match Made for Murder was an especially wonderful to read at this time. It gave me the much needed escape from the harsh reality of our days now. How wonderful it was to slip back into 1947 with Lane, Darling and Ames for another cozy kind of story/mystery. I’ve been purposely seeking out these kinds of books and this latest installment in the series did not disappoint!

This time, Lane and Darling are on their honeymoon in Arizona and are meant to be lapping up the sun and relaxation and enjoyment of the newly married. This cannot be the case with Lane however! She always manages to find something out of place, or a dead body, or inexplicable behaviour of other guests at the Inn. Back at home, Ames is left in charge and finds himself navigating a perplexing mystery himself, and it’s one that could involve his love interest, Tina Van Eyck.

There are a number of different mysteries or threads to follow in these books, and this one is no different. One of the plots was easy to solve or I had it figured out from the very beginning. Otherwise, Lane Winslow fans will find much to enjoy in this installment. The playfulness and love for each other between Darling and Lane is there, and for the mysteries, how Whishaw ties everything together in the end always makes for a delightful read.

I only had one very minor quibble and it’s that I felt the denouement could have been revealed sooner. But it is a very minor quibble because I do so enjoy my time with these characters and look forward to the next in the series! I seriously love these three people and their easy banter and the rich dialogue that is written for them. Wonderful!