Audio Book Review: Shine Shine Shine

Go go Robots!! Loved loved LOVED this book!! Could not get enough of it! There are no more loveable characters than Sunny and Maxon! You will laugh! You will cry! You will CHEER!


I can’t really say anything more than Liz did in her BEAUTIFUL review (here) so this really just a reminder to all that this is a GREAT book that NEEDS to be read!! Or, try the audio– it was FANTASTIC. Lydia Netzer’s friend Joshilyn Jackson narrated it and she gave such fun voices to every single character (my favourite being a toss-up between Les Weathers, everyone’s favourite news anchor, and Maxon, robot-voiced super genius!).

You should also check out the book trailer here— multi-talented Lydia wrote the song to accompany the novel and it is perfect!

So, GO GET THIS BOOK!¬†5 stars from this¬†Hoarder. Can’t wait to hear what Penny thinks.

“Own it! Own the bald!”