Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

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LISTEN to it. That’s my main takeaway! You have to listen to him because:

1. He has an absolute ball reading his own book, the laughter, the chuckles, the bellowing of BUMPER STICKER! NOTE TO SELF! PRESCRIBE! and of course that signature Texan drawl out the one side of his mouth make this an absolute must-listen-to over just reading the book. How could you possibly get as much entertainment from this when you’re only reading the words on the page and not listening to him read it to you?

2. His storytelling will make you laugh out loud. His stories are hilarious. I thought when I was walking and listening to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime I looked foolish, but I looked like complete goof laughing, no busting out loud laughing, and walking with the biggest grin on my face listening to McConaughey tell his stories.

3. When he talks about seeing Camila Alves for the first time, what he has to say about her, and what he says about his love for her and his commitment to her – good lord, talk about getting weak in the knees and questioning if your significant other ever describes you like that??!!

4. Just listening to him talk about finding those “green lights”, about turning the red and yellow lights into green ones is an absolute pleasure. Well, it’s actually hilarious for most of the time. He punctuates the end of every one of his stories with….”green light”.

He ends his book with the words, “Just keep living.” He’s clearly a man that lives his life to the fullest, which yes, does include playing bongos naked, and has great optimism for life.

I considered listening to the audiobook before, since I was on my weight loss journey and walking with celebrities, but it wasn’t until I listened to Mayim Bialik’s podcast with Matthew as her guest, where I really took more interest in it. She pulled out the parts that made it sound so interesting I just had to put a hold on it at the library. That it came in so quickly was a great surprise! I spent most of the time texting our former Hoarder Jackie begging her to listen to it, that is was hilarious! If you’re looking for something completely entertaining and very positive, I would recommend Greenlights. Honestly, I would!

(I also wonder if he’s ever met Val Kilmer? There were similarities in their lives, personalities, beliefs I thought, or really they would probably have a lot to talk about if they ever got together – just my opinion.)