Review: The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

A definite must read.

I burned through this book.
I lost an enormous amount of sleep these past few days, since I stayed up late the past 3 nights in a row because I was unable to  I don’t think I’ve read a book where my stomach would go in to tight knots or where my whole body would be taut as a rope every time the name Ras Ballenger came on to the page. Ras Ballenger rightfully owns his nickname as “Satan’s Stepson” and you know Wingfield is a mighty fine writing genius if she can make you tense up with FEAR every single time Ras came around and then cry and cry and cry for everyone else in this story, mainly Swan and Blade. Difficult to read, but my god,
A showdown between good and evil and God and the Devil and I was sucked way, way in from the start and was not let go until the very end. Fantastic read and unfortunately the incredibly vivid characterization of Ras/Satan makes you deeply sad that people out there exist like him. I will be haunted by Swan and Blade (and dammit by Ras too) for quite some time.