The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

It has been a while since i have found a 5 star book and i have to agree with Penny– this was DEFINITELY one!! This book has it all– an unforgettable cast of characters, family secrets galore, a villain like no other, a battle between good and evil, and an ending that has you holding your breath! i am reluctant to write too much because it is one of those stories that you don’t want to give away. This is the author, Jenny Wingfield’s first novel and she did a FANTASTIC job! i am looking forward to seeing what else she is going to have to offer! Well worth the read! Just check it out!!!

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Ps. for some reason i was surprised to find that this book can be found in a whack of “Christian Lit” lists, even tho it is a story about a preacher and his family. i am generally turned right off by anything remotely preachy and overly filled with “Praise the Lord” moments but i found that even tho this writer is probably some kind of Holy Roller she did a very good job of outlining that even the most holier-than-thow Christian can also exhibit a “heathen” way of thinking when provoked.