Cool news, it's so cool beans!

Before The Literary Hoarders started this blog, we each catalogued an ever expanding list of books on this fabulous, wonderful site, (thanks to Jackie for finding it!).

If you haven’t checked out Goodreads, you definitely should! Every book you ever think to search for, find out about, what is coming out, etc. is on there.  Also on the site is the ability to see the whole wide world and what they are reading, what they thought about what they read, recommendations for your next great read, join readers in groups of like-read people and “friend” them too.  (There is also a growing contingent of people that participate on Goodreads only and have banished themselves from Facebook. (if I could perhaps mention one little suggestion to Goodreads, could we have a little Status line?) Anyway…on to the point of the post….after being introduced to an online book club by Michelle in Mississipi, called Opinionless, I began participating monthly in the reader’s choice for the month and online discussion via Skype on the last Tuesday of every month.

For November I am so excited to say we are going to be reading Canadian author, Nicole Lundrigan’s book, Glass Boys AND Nicole is going to JOIN US!

                          (it’s always nice to put the face to the name don’t you think?)

Two of the Literary Hoarders for sure are joining in and we need to give a shout out (and shameless plug) to Aaron’s coordination skills in setting this up for the Opinionless book club (and for starting the club). If you would care to join us, please do! Please pick up a copy of Glass Boys, read it and then head over to the site and link yourself up for the event…hope to see you there!

And to Nicole – a few fellow Ontarians will be on board to enjoy the evening. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Glass Boys Synopsis:

When Eli Fagan discovers the secret his eleven-year-old stepson has hidden in an old pickle jar, he is filled with blinding rage. As he destroys the jar’s contents, brothers Roy and Lewis Trench, in a drunken prank, stumble into Eli’s yard, and their poor timing costs Roy his life. Though the courts rule the death a tragic accident, the event opens a seam of hate between the two families of Knife’s Point, Newfoundland. Powerfully written, with vivid and unflinching prose, Glass Boys is an utterly riveting, deeply moving saga of the persistence of evil and the depths and limits of love.

About Nicole Lundrigan:

“If there is a new wave of New­found­land fic­tion going on, Nicole Lun­dri­gan may be one of its lead­ers… Lun­dri­gan writes about New­found­land the way William Faulkner wrote about the Amer­i­can south.”
Dar­rell Squires
The West­ern Star
You can read more on Nicole’s website:
Right now she is reading February, by Lisa Moore and I loved this quote she included at the bottom of her blog post about the book and about fiction in general:

Read­ing Feb­ru­ary reminds me of what good fic­tion really does. A novel can take you far, far away. But some­times, with a lit­tle sweep, it car­ries you home.