Read in 2011 - Another Hoarder's Year End List

As we have been saying time and time again here on Literary Hoarders, 2011 was a banner year for books! Looking back at my “read” pile as a whole was fun– was it really only a year ago that i read Skippy Dies? Has the headache i got from all of the eye rolling while reading James Frey’s The Last Testament of the Holy Bible ever REALLY gone away? Did i really only give Glass Boys 3 stars??? hmmmmm Reflection time!

My “Read in 2011” Book Shelf:

Best of 2011: The Dovekeepers – Haunting story; most beautifully written. This is one that will stay with me for a very long time!

Most Anticipated of 2011: Dreams of Joy – The sequel to Shanghai Girls. It was great to have Pearl, May and Joy back in my life for a brief moment of time!!!

Series Read in 2011: Last year was The Millennium Series this year it was Hunger Games (you have to have SOMETHING to talk to your 13 year old about- right?). i thought that it was a pretty decent read– i can see the allure it holds for the YA audience and not a VAMPIRE in site!

Best Cover/Packaging: Gotta go with either Incantation or The Night Circus— they both scream– YOU HAVE TO READ ME! I AM SO BEAUTIFUL!

Best Book Club Book: I have to say Glass Boys. Having Nicole Lundrigan (the author) participate in the conversation was certainly a treat– hearing how she went about developing the characters and her surprise at some of our interpretations made the meeting most memorable! Apart from that, this is definitely one story that is not easily forgotten and it gets to you more and more over time. The characters were frustrating and sometimes disturbing but they were also haunting. I really do think i need to change my rating for Glass Boys to 4 stars!

Best Audiobook: Why We Suck – maybe it was more like listening to his stand up, because it was read by Denis Leary himself, but this had me in absolute stitches!!

The Stand Outs:

  • The Prince of Tides – an oldy but a goody! Ignore any remote association with the movie starring Babs– this book is EXCELLENT!
  • Skippy Dies – everyone who reads it LOVES it
  • The Homecoming of Samuel Lake – oh Ras Ballenger, Satan’s stepchild, you still haunt me!
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain – if you are an animal lover, prepare to BAWL!!! You will fall in love with Enzo the dog!
  • The History of Love – truly a surprising delight!

The Disappointments:

  • The Last Testament of the Holy Bible – Oh James Frey– you tried sooooooo hard to get another buzz book! yawn! ick! no!
  • The Night Circus – Marketing Machine gone wrong!
  • A Visit From the Good Squad and The Sentimentalists – Award winning books that made me go – WHAT? REALLY?
  • When God Was a Rabbit – Too much going on in there!

Looking forward to LOTS of reading in 2012!!!