The Book Thief Blu-Ray Giveaway Winner(s)

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DVD DVD 2  book thief

Last evening, Jackie and Penny were able to get together to watch the Blu-ray of The Book Thief  (a separate post on our thoughts about it is forthcoming).  Following the movie and after wiping our tears away, we added the names of those that entered our Giveaway either by emailing us or leaving a comment on our site (according to our “rules and regulations”) into a Randomizer App.

And the winner is….. Kim (@ferniebound)!  Your copy of The Book Thief will be on its way to you direct from Think Jam. Many thanks to them for allowing us to offer this fantastic giveaway opportunity!

Also, we happened to have received two review copies of the Blue-ray, and this “little goof”, as it may be called, allowed us to offer it to another contest entry and we’re very pleased to be able to provide the movie to Tatum R. Tatum is our youngest follower and we thought it would be brilliant to give the opportunity to Tatum to make that book to movie connection and spark a discussion about it. Congratulations Tatum!

Thank you once again to Think Jam for allowing this opportunity. It was a great one!