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2015 Books on Radar

Did I not just say that I would be reading more from the backlists for 2015? And then…and then…publishers started posting the books to watch for/coming out in 2015!  You know we can’t stop – we can (will) never stop adding to the piles of books to read! Look at all these titles! Look at all these pretty covers! Let’s hope 2015 is a banner year!


Below are the books that will be published in 2015 I’ve already added to my TBR 😉 Are any being missed? What do you not see here that should be added? I’m certain we’ve missed many, yet we know that many just haven’t come across the radar yet.

This list features 18 different publishers and while I have not (nor do I normally do so) broken down my reading into categories like number of male vs. female authors (last year was noted for it being the year to read women, but I already knew/know the majority of what I read is healthily devoted to female authors, and features diverse authors as well), of the 29 books featured below, 23 are written by women.

(clicking on the covers will bring you to their Goodreads description.)

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