Anticipated Fall Reading (Already?!)

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Fall Reading planning? Already? They really are pushing everything forward sooner nowadays aren’t they? I’m no where near finished my #20BooksofSummer! My #20BooksofSummer have changed tremendously from what I originally planned to read. I haven’t even posted about which are on my list because that list is shot all to double hockey sticks.

But, one day I found myself perusing the On Order books at my library. That’s dangerous!  🙂

I put 12 On Hold at the library, before realizing I needed to cool that trigger finger! My luck has been they come tumbling in all at the same time, leaving me little time to catch my breath in between books. So those 12 are On Hold but there is a slew of other On Order books placed into the For Later pile. It was exciting (complete book nerd emotion!) to see many On Order that were appearing on the Fall Reading Lists starting to pop up (again with the Already?). Some of the lists already talking about Fall reading are The Millions, The 49th Shelf, and Quill & Quire (although you won’t be able to see it without a subscription. Wah.)

CanLit Titles

First we’ll peek at the CanLit titles that just may earn a spot on the Giller Longlist later this year? Just look at that cover on Alison Pick’s Strangers with the Same Dream! Stunning! And of course and absolutely, That’s My Baby by Frances Itani is here in this list! It’s another Deseronto story and after reading Deafening this summer, That’s My Baby is a much anticipated read! I think I may just have to purchase this one instead of waiting for it from the library?  The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander MacNeil by Lesley Choyce is so far up my reading alley, loaded with my reading kryptonite that I might explode if I don’t get to read it soon: “John Alexander MacNeil is eighty years old. Sharp-tongued and quick-witted, he lives alone in rural Cape Breton, but he still cooks breakfast for his wife, who’s been dead for thirty years.”  Those of you following  here over the years know I have a gigantic soft spot for old men talking/writing/dreaming of their dead wives. 🙂 (For example there was Angus in The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis, and Murphy in Thomas Murphy by Roger Rosenblatt. )



Other Titles Currently On Hold


Crimes of the Father by Thomas Keneally. I’m fully anticipating a powerful hold-no-punches read like I found in John Boyne’s A History of Loneliness. In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende. I have yet to read an Allende novel, but this one sounds like a real winner. The Bettencourt Affair by Tom Sancton. (Non-Fiction) This looks like a juicy read! The publisher has granted the e-ARC but it’s in PDF (Grrr!) so I’m going to wait my turn for it from the library. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. Perhaps one of the most anticipated new releases!


The Last Ballad, by Wiley Cash. Another hotly anticipated read! I’ve read both of Cash’s other books and they are both awesome, this one doesn’t sound like it will let us down either! Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak. This is another e-ARC that was granted by the publisher, but I’ve put the hardcopy on hold instead. The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce. Okay, honestly. I own all of Joyce’s novels and I have not read even one yet! Nope, not even Harold Fry!! So this one has to be the one right and then I’ll go hit up all the others by her. 🙂


The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. Okay, truthfully, I have no idea what this book is about, but look at that cover!! Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett. I’m really hoping this will become one of our in-person book club picks.

There is another Fall release I’m really looking forward to, but I don’t see that the library is bringing this one in yet. It’s been released already in the UK – it’s Sarah Winman’s Tin Man.

But then there are all the ones I just filed into the For Later folder. I’ll have to give just a sampling here because it might melt your screens there are so, so many! So Many Books! I don’t know how we’re ever expected to read the backlist wishlists because all these new books keep pouring out and there’s always this feeling where they must all be read!

For Later, but hopefully not too much later!

First up will be all the great sounding Canlit! A Reckoning by Linda Spalding, Lost in September by Kathleen Winter, The Boat People, by Sharon Bala and Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill. It’s almost a certainty that these could more than likely appear on the Giller Prize longlist?? (Or are they late to the party? I’m never sure on that!)


One that I do plan on purchasing for my own shelf, because it will complete the two other Wayne Johnston books in this trilogy I own, is First Snow, Last Light   Doesn’t that look like the perfect book to be reading when the days turn long, cold and sitting by the fire becomes a must?

Just a few of the others will be shown now, because this is a lot of books isn’t it? 🙂

Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss (! 🙂 ), Three Days and a Life by Pierre LeMaitre, Let Darkness Bury the Dead by Maureen Jennings, Smile by Roddy Doyle, Norma by Sofi Oksanen, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by Cherise Wolas (look at that cover!), The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott.


There are plenty of moody, evocative covers for the Fall and Winter reading seasons in this list right? I’m sure this list will grow even more once other new titles are brought to my attention. For now, it’s a sizeable list (understatement!) that will help shape my upcoming reading. This is the start of my very favourite season and reading season too!