Best Books Read in 2022 (so far)

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We’re cruising through July already! The year is already half over, can you believe how quickly that happened? It keeps coming at us with a wallop at every turn though doesn’t it? I don’t even want to consider what more could possibly be coming our way.

However, I have been reading fantastic books this year and they have helped me to disappear and shut out the world for awhile. That has been such a saving grace. Both of us here have been saying the past two years saw a big slow-down in our reading and we do seemed to have picked up some steam this year, I know I have, or at least I’m trying to, and most recently I’ve been reading hit after hit. Let’s take a look at the best books I’ve read so far for 2022 shall we?

I’ll start with what I’ve just finished recently because I haven’t written anything here for those yet:

I just finished this extraordinary book! I will write separately about it as it was a review book sent by Europa Editions. I was honestly enthralled with the remarkable, extraordinary story of Belle Greene, librarian to J.P. Morgan. It’s an incredible story that had me engrossed and fully immersed in it from beginning to end.

Oh, The Spoon Stealer by Lesley Crewe. My heart. This book is now sitting with Hoarder Elizabeth because I know it is one she will love as much as I did. This story is wonderful and gave me many feelings of The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen and also The Rain Before it Falls by Jonathan Coe, both books I wrote about here in my post about Books I’ve Been Thinking About Re-Reading. I think this deserves its own post as well so I can gush about how much I loved it. A perfect read at just the right time.

It was hit after hit after hit, and Horse by Geraldine Brooks was definitely a huge hit. I loved this book. I loved reading it. I never wanted it to end. When it was publicized as ‘coming soon’, I said it gave me People of the Book vibes and Horse completely delivered on those feelings. This time it was a racehorse (true story horse) that connected us through people and time and it was a magnificent story! I borrowed this one from the library, but I think I need to buy it. It’s one that should be displayed on my shelves and re-read.

Hoarder Elizabeth read this one last year and put it at the top of her Top Books of 2021, and no kidding there! This was such an incredible work of art. What an incredible literary accomplishment, what a gorgeous work of historical fiction. While I was reading Belle Greene, I was reminded of how gorgeously written The Magician was too – both books beautifully wrote about two historically significant people.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus was fantastic! I already wrote
about my love for this one here!

Oh, Fredrik Backman. I finally read Backman. Hoarder Elizabeth was so proud of me and has actually gifted me with her copy of Anxious People. I immediately read Us Against You after finishing Bear Town. My word these books! Whew, there was a lot of texting going on between me and Elizabeth. In October the third and final book (? I think) in this series will be released. I said I would be first in line, but that Elizabeth would probably shove me out of the way so she could be first to put her hands on it. I’m sure we’ll be reading it at the same time the moment it hits the shelves.

Bear Town by Fredrick Backman was a remarkable reading experience for me. I started in audio for this one, and while the narrator was great, I just needed to sit and read it. I think I texted about whole pages of this book with Elizabeth. It is a must read. I think it’s actually required reading. He has a writing style that is all his own, but reminded me of the style and sentimentality that Louise Penny writes with. I had to immediately begin reading Us Against You because my book hangover from Bear Town was too great, I couldn’t leave these characters at that time without continuing to be immersed in their lives.

Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney. This was so much fun to read! To listen to, and to finish reading it in paper format. Either way – an absolute delight. I cannot wait to read more Alice Feeney.

Something to Hide by Elizabeth George. The wait was so long for this one! So long! But oh wow, was it ever worth it! I ripped through this 700+ page book in a matter of days. I was glued to every page – certainly a top one in this series, in my opinion. I’m crying thinking of how long it may be to wait for #22!

Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer. Unbelievably, this was the first (and so far only) Archer I’ve read! It was fantastic. What a great storyteller! I definitely look forward to reading the many books/series he has. This one was a standalone, so it was a perfect start, and certainly left me anxious to get to more!

Deadland by William Shaw. This was the very first book I read in 2022 and it was a complete delight. A 5-star read right out of the gate! I have the next instalment of this DS Cupidi series sitting on my shelf, Grave’s End, and I look very forward to getting to it by the end of the year.

What an amazing reading year I’m having so far!!! I hope you read or maybe have already read some of these books and love, love them as much as I do/did. Phenomenal reading year so far and I hope, so hope it continues!

We’re barreling into August which means I’ll be getting ready for my Shadow Giller duties. Oh boy if my reading takes a nosedive because of the Giller Longlist announced in September I’ll be so sad. And angry probably.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer!