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Illustration by: Gina Brown

I recently saw a comment posted where the person said a certain book was a reminder of why they love to read. At the same time as I read that comment, I was reading over what I wrote about When All is Said by Anne Griffin (I was writing my thoughts on Griffin’s second book, Listening Still) and it was these two things that got me to thinking about those special books I’ve read, and how they too reminded me of why I love to read. They are just so very special, they should be re-read. I’m certain it would give me a special experience to discover once again why they made me a lover of reading:

When All is Said, by Anne Griffin

When All is Said is the reason behind this post. It was a book I was waiting for, one that swept me away and was also had inside my reading kryptonite: a story about an elderly man telling stories about the greatest loves in his life. This was the story of Maurice raising his glass 5 times to toast his greatest 5 loves one final time. Oh, I was mopping tears off my face at the end. What a story! How special it would be to re-read.

The Rain Before It Falls by Jonathan Coe

Oh Rosamund. I am still haunted by this book. This is a story of three-generations of women, but central to it is Rosamund. Her story is so, so achingly sad, but it is such a beautiful story too. I picked this book up on a whim and wowzers what a wonderous thing I did there.

The Bird Sisters, by Rebecca Rasmussen

The Bird Sisters….oh my. Here is what I originally had to say about this one: “The Bird Sisters….oh, sigh….what more can I say here? I absolutely loved this story. I so wish it wasn’t over and I was still reading about Twiss and Milly. I miss Twiss and Milly.” I borrowed both The Rain Before It Falls and The Bird Sisters from the library. These are two books I need to go out and buy to keep on my shelf forever, especially now that I want to re-read them.

No Country, by Kalyan Ray

No Country was a book I saw reviewed on Goodreads by a book blogger I trusted. I had not heard of this one, but surprisingly my library had a copy of it! I was consumed by this one. It hit every hallmark for a great book for me and as soon as I finished it then (way, way back in 2014!) I wanted to turn back to page 1 and start it all over again. So definitely, this one should be a re-read for me. Over 550 pages with seven generations – epic is the perfect word here and it’s fantastic!

A Good American by Alex George

A Good American is Alex George’s debut novel and it was a fantastic read for me! There were times when I couldn’t see the pages through my tears. You know I love those stories that make me cry like that! This was a book I was madly in love with by page 7. I posted nothing but great gushing love about it. It is another one that should sit on my shelf (I borrowed this one too from the library).

The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow, by Rita Leganski

Another book that has remained with me from the day I first read it (which was 10 years ago!!) and another I gave 5-glowing-stars to. I said that The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow was extraordinary and the characters within intricate and works of art. Bonaventure makes you hear and listen. He forces you to slow down and listen. Beautiful book. A very special one.

The Summer Before the War, Helen Simonson

Ah, The Summer Before the War….this would be perfection to re-read in the summer for sure. Oh how I loved and adored this book. This is what I had to say about it after finishing it years ago: “Forgive me a moment, as I need to wrap my arms around this book in a giant, warm, and loving embrace. Sigh. What a great, sweeping, epic and wonderful read. What a wonderful book to read over the summer!

A Place Called Sorry, by Donna Milner

A Place Called Sorry….this wonderful Canadian novel with its moody cover, it also earned its 5-star rating….I so cherished everything about this book. I was held captive by this story from beginning to the very end. It is so very deserving of a re-read.

Homesick, by Guy Vanderhaeghe

Years ago, Elizabeth and I did a post about books deserving of a re-read and Homesick appeared then too. Indeed, some of the books listed here are also on that list, but that’s just a testament isn’t it to their power and the true need to re-read them! But, Homesick, oh, it was a book I knew 2 pages in it was going to be a 5-star read for me. I have always said as well that I was so very happy I bought the book because it would be one I could re-read anytime the feeling hit. That feeling seems to be hitting me hard right now doesn’t it?

There are many, many, more wonderful and excellent books I’ve read that can easily go on this list, but these are the ones that I truly remember and immediately so as being so very special, and there are times when I think about them, still, so I should maybe look to them when I feel I’ve hit a slump or two (which seems to be happening again more than not lately, again).