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The Giller Prize Longlist announcement is just around the corner and it has me thinking of all the CanLit I have on my shelves – on the Kobo and the physical books I own. Also, the Eden Mills Literary Festival is coming up very soon and I had hoped to have read as many of the many, many amazing authors they have lined up this year! (Just look at that lineup!)

Going a little off track of what I want to list here, but I have read some of the books their authors will be reading at Eden Mills already. I’ve already read Dual Citizens, by Alix Ohlin, Provisionally Yours by Antanas Sileika and I’ve just finished reading today, Crow by Amy Spurway! I’m keen on hearing readings from Alix and Amy and I so hope I can get to everyone I want to hear from on Sunday. The one problem (what a problem to have!) is too many that I want to hear from are scheduled to speak at the same time, sometimes on the other side of the festival grounds too! I’ll have to be strategic and map out my day beforehand.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I have a large number of CanLit books on the Kobo and on my shelf, and some are pretty recent so I’m hopeful they’ll appear on the Giller list this year?

I’ve plenty of older titles on my Kobo too, but I’ve been on a shopping spree recently and bought some new ones, so this had me looking through to see how much Canlit I own. I should be devoting a month or more to reading it all. Now what I’m listing here today doesn’t cover everything on my shelves, it’s just what I’ve obtained recently. ;-)

And honestly, the library seems to have been reading my mind because today two new CanLit titles came in for me, and since I’ve just finished reading Crow, my CanLit focus seems to be well on track already!

The Innocents, Michael Crummey
Lampedusa, Steven Price

Getting back to the upcoming Eden Mills Festival, the other books I’d like to read from the lineup are, Watching You Without Me by Lynn Coady (I have this one!), Every Little Piece of Me by Amy Jones (I have this one too and our book club is reading it for our October meeting!), Crow Winter by Karen McBride and The Difference, Marina Endicott…The Wake, by Linden MacIntyre, truly the list is long and wide this year!

Outside of this festival I have a huge pile sitting on my shelf right now!

Books I’ve Bought:

Madame VictoriaCatherine Leroux
SuzanneAnais Barbeau-Lavalette
St. Urbain’s HorsemanMordecai Richler
AriaNazanine Hozar
Season of StormsSusanna Kearsely
Twin StudiesKeith Maillard

Books Sent by Publishers

Broken Man on a Halifax PierLesley Choyce
FogRana Bose
Exile BluesDouglas Gary Freeman
A Beckoning WarMatthew Murphy
HideawayNicole Lundrigan
The Little Fox of MayervilleEric Mathieu

These four have moody covers don’t they? A Beckoning War sounds like the perfect read for a Remembrance Day book, Broken Man on a Halifax Pier is coming from Lesley Choyce – I loved and adored his The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander MacNeil so I’m anticipating the same feelings for this one. The Little Fox of Mayerville sounds great and is translated by Peter McCambrige. He translated the fantastic novel Songs for the Cold of Heart, and I’m already hearing wonderful things about The Little Fox!

Books on my Kobo

Okay so I have a TON on my Kobo, but the two I’ve most recently purchased are:

Making it HomeAlison DeLory
We Were the Salt of the SeaRoxanne Bouchard

I also have even more on hold at the library:

Books On Hold at the Library

Red OblivionLeslie Shimotakahara
WorryJessica Westhead
Five WivesJoan Thomas
Crow Winter (noted above) Karen McBride
The Difference (noted above) Marina Endicott

So, I have plenty of Canadian books to read don’t I? It’s a good thing I’m Crazy for CanLit! September 2nd is quickly approaching with the Giller Longlist announcement and the Eden Mills Festival is that weekend after so I’ll be well immersed in great Canadian books (mainly fiction)!