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Okay, it’s come down to having to build a schedule again! :-) So many books. You know the story. You know our name. This shouldn’t come as a shock. :-)

I do find however, that laying down a schedule helps me tremendously to focus and read through the many books awaiting my attention. All of these were offered, we accepted, and in many cases we asked to add more too. So, the plan is to read them. Honest. The books most recently accepted (and maybe some that were sent a little while back too, but are not in any way forgotten!) that are going on my schedule are an eclectic mix of literary, historical and women’s fiction mixed in with some mystery and thriller too. The books going onto my Fall Reading Plans are listed below, and by clicking on the cover image it will take you to their descriptions.

Currently, at time of this post, I am reading, Go Home Lake sent to us by Second Story Press. The main character is named Penny ;-) so, I have to read this one, of course!


The ones accepted and requested are included in this mix here. They are also a mix of books and e-books:

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These two below were pre-ordered months and months ago, because they are my two very favourite and always go-to serial mystery writers! My Fall reading would be terribly incomplete if I didn’t have these two to return to either Three Pines with Chief Inspector Gamache (Louise Penny) or Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers (Elizabeth George)! I also have some train travel coming up — should Elizabeth George be my companion on the ride?


A good many number of these books are fatty doorstoppers (Kate Morton and Elizabeth George for certain, and Franzen and Mawer too), so I need the time to invest in these ones, but so far this year, many of those doorstopper books I’ve read have turned into great reads, so I’m anticipating some more good reads here!

For our Wink 3 Book Club, we chose two for our December reads, so those have to be read too! Those two are After You and Fates and Furies. And I had to edit this post to add another book that I accepted, and it’s What She Knew. :-)

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And edited AGAIN! There is this one too – I’m looking forward to finding out what has happened to Annie since reading Angela Cornell’s Grounded! Look for a super-duper giveaway for Guarded (shown below) too!


4c8517fe6b5d0030bd46bce6a3163c5eThat looks like a lot of reading to be done before the end of the year doesn’t it? Thankfully, because we’re settling nicely into such splendid Fall weather here, I’m so excited to say that many of my reading nights will be spent curled up by the fire! And, so many of the above reads just scream the need to stoke the fire, grab a glass of white and settle in for a lovely time reading.

Thank you ever so much, as always, to the publishers and authors that send us these wonderful books.


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