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It’s bizarre to be writing about 2023 isn’t it? My reading piles are already growing out of control – have you seen some of the new books coming in 2023?!

I remain committed to my year of Chunky Reading however! I am going to dive right in and start with The Ink Black Heart. It’s been staring at me ever since I bought it. It is a very daunting leap isn’t it? Over 1,000 pages but hopefully the Strike adventures will make it all worthwhile.

This series is one that prompts a ton of text messaging between me and Hoarder Elizabeth. We both absolutely love this series. (I mention the Strike adventures, but we both have sent piles of messages over our frustration with the lack of action between Strike and Robin. I’ve heard too that our frustrations may continue here unfortunately.) Elizabeth has remained faithful to the audiobooks because Robert Glenister is Strike, but my inability to listen to audiobooks, especially the lengths these books bring, even though it’s Glenister, has me turning to the paper copies. (The Ink Black Heart is almost 34 hours of listening time! Are you up to it Elizabeth?) When I was in the bookstore standing in front of the bookshelf with The Ink Black Heart on it, I was in constant contact with Elizabeth. Should I buy this brick? Should I just buy the e-book to save my arms? But as we were both investigating it (length of audiobook, would e-book be easier?) we both read that the formatting in this book makes it near impossible to read in e-book form and it was the #1 complaint by readers everywhere. So, buying the brick it was!

Over on Litsy I also agreed to a quarterly reading challenge called #NunLitQuarterly. Our #NunLit mission is to read the book in the month assigned and post our reviews/thoughts. In January, we’re starting with the classic, The Corner That Held Them by Sylvia Townsend Warner. I thought this was a fun challenge to participate in and I recently purchased 3 of the 4 books chosen for my Kobo. The other I found on Hoopla in audio. So at some point in January I need to read this one too! (I love this cover!)

However, there has also been an ongoing and long-term discussion (challenge? argument?) with my son about reading a particularly beloved book of his and one he’s been on me for years to read. I have constantly brushed him off because that book is The Hobbit and I really, really, really do not want to read The Hobbit. I tried when I was young and hobbits, elves, etc are just really not my thing. Audible had the audiobook for free to download at one time, so I did that saying I would try the audio. But my reluctance to read this book means I’ve been so very unwilling to even open a page, or plug in my earphones. Finally, I firmly said I just cannot read it my dear. I just truly do not want to. So we’ve reached a compromise and I’m going to read another of his beloved reads, The Witcher series. He’s given me The Last Wish to read because they are supposed to be like short stories. I figure I can handle that right? The bonus is I get to picture Henry Cavill when reading.

One of my other reading goals for 2023 is to listen to audiobooks again. They are piling up on my Audible account. I initially thought I would start with The Whalebone Theatre (it would pair nicely with my chunky reading challenge since this one is over 18 hours), but I’ve since downloaded Remarkably Bright Creatures. I’ve only been hearing and seeing wonderful things said about it. So I’ll probably start with it first.

January is already off to a busy start (and it’s still only 2022! ha) so wish me luck!