Forever adding to the TBR: Spring 2017!

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I’m not even all the way through my Fall 2016 Reading Schedule, and then I added even more books in the “More Fall Reading” post, but the lists with all the Spring 2017 releases have started coming out! I don’t even think I’ve got a handle on my Winter reading just yet! But, it would be so very unlike us to not peek (and drool) at those lists and see all the new and exciting books coming out in the New Year! And of course it would be very unlike us not to add so many of those new titles to the constantly growing and already mountainous TBR piles!

There are all of these 2017 titles being dangled in front of and coming at us from all directions which, of course are hard to ignore. Below is a quick peek at what has been added to the gigantic TBR so far. :-)  The library has been, as always, a fantastic source of finding out about new titles on order, and then there’s Netgalley and Edelweiss, and I pulled out quite a few from this list Barnes and Noble created….so many books! They all look so wonderful!

From the Barnes and Noble list these are the ones that most interested me:

Desperation Road, Ghachar, Ghochar, The Gargoyle Hunters, History of Wolves (our library is getting this one in too), Idaho, and No One is Coming to Save Us.

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These below are the ones I’ve put “On Hold” at the library. I easily could have put far more on hold, but decided I should slow down and just mark them for my “For Later” shelf. :-) The one I threw a hold on so fast for certain was Alex George’s sophomore novel, Setting Free the Kites. His A Good American had me falling in love hard for him, and I have been anxiously awaiting his new novel, so my trigger finger flew into action for this title!


These are the ones also “On Hold” and include Lisa See’s newest, The Tea Girl from Hummingbird Lane. (Here’s to hoping and praying it’s a return to the Lisa See found in her greats like Snow Flower and the Secret Fan!) There are only two others before I cooled off the trigger finger, :-) Ferocity and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. Lisa See’s doesn’t come out until March, so I have plenty of time to get in any “regularly scheduled” reading while I’m waiting.

25150798  31497964  32503381

Here are all the others that the library has on order that I’ve added to the “For Later” shelf:

Mikhail and Margarita, 4 3 2 1, In this Grave Hour, The Nightingale Won’t Let You Sleep , Days Without End, Draughtsmen, Men Walking on Water, and I Found You.

31243075  30244626  30655763  30764240  30212107  25394496  30658416  30753651\

Here are the ones requested on Netgalley and Edelweiss: (and after this I just stopped looking! :-) :-) )

The Barrowfields, In the Quiet, The Wages of Sin, and The Last Days of Café Leila.

31159249  25669989  30334183  30753991

Finally, here are the books recently accepted to review:

The Woman in Cabin 10, The Bishop’s Girl, and How Will I Know You?

32489449  32042793  29775861

That should keep this Hoarder super-busy right? This doesn’t even touch the books I’ve bought recently because of (early) birthday money and special sale days at Chapters. Should I show those ones? Okay…I went out and bought:

The Nix, The World Without Us, Season of Darkness, Middlemarch, The People in the Trees and finally, The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles.

28251002  26022403  13155268  0062356143  16126596  17707634

And, to update based on the Fall Reading Schedule – I have no shame there! I have done a pretty stellar job of keeping on track with that schedule, so I’m confident about moving forward and bringing in many of the 2017 releases for my reading pleasure.

From this schedule, I did read Strange Things Done, The Dollhouse, After James, The Ballroom, Faithful and The Orphan Mother. From that same schedule, I also read, Stranger and The Fortunate Brother (review on its way). I started on The Break, but had to return it to the library before I could finish it. I also have The Conjoined queued up to read this month. So right? No shame in my reading game!

In the second post, More Fall Reading, I did link to the reviews of those books posted above already, but I have started to read most of the others mentioned in there as well. Like, The Spy and The Association of Small Bombs, and I’m currently reading No Man’s Land as a Remembrance Day read.

What a crazy amount of books! But isn’t 2017 shaping up to be an amazing year for reading? So many books, So little time!

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