Fulfilling a friend's book recommendation request for summertime reads

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Recently, I had a friend ask for book recommendations and in particular, books she might enjoy reading this summer.  Her reading style leans more towards the “chick-lit”, or “women’s contemporary” genres of fiction.

So…alrighty then! This is what we’re here for right?  ;-) This is what we live to do! Therefore, with her criteria and knowing the type/style of book she might most enjoy in mind, and a glance through my most recent past reads, I came up with this following list:

(I’ve written reviews for all but one in this list, so clicking on the cover will take you to it and for the one I did not write a review for (why?!) it will take you to my thoughts about it on Goodreads.)


How do you think I did? Can you think of anything else you would add? I know there are far more that I could have added (like, really, anything by Kristina McMorris and JoJo Moyes), but I didn’t want to overwhelm and for the most part, the majority of these I did read and thoroughly enjoyed during the summer months. In my mind, these were great summer reads – especially A Hundred Summers, Tigers in Red Weather and probably Beautiful Ruins.

UPDATE: It seems today is the day to find Summer Reading Lists! Here are a few that have popped up, as seen today, that will most certainly be adding titles to my 2014 Summer reading program!

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