Holds Requested: A peek into what's on hold at the public library

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The public library is a wonderful thing.

It is so accessible to feed the hoarding, and can all be done for free! I can say (boast? shyly share?) that currently in my “Books for Later” section housed in my Bibliocommons database, I have 671 books just waiting patiently for me to take out. This does not include the e-books and audiobooks on the “Wish List” on the Overdrive section (shhhhh!).

For me, that only attests to how truly awesome our public library is at bringing in titles so frequently where I want to hoard them on the TBR list (so hey! a big shout out to Windsor Public Library for being so awesome!).

Another feature enjoyed by using the library’s Bibliocommons system is the ability to throw a hold on books that are either “on order” or that are available and can be sent to a library location nearest to me so I may conveniently pick them up. I’m a frequent visitor.

At any rate, right now I think I have a record six (6) holds currently all on order that I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I throw holds up so fast that the ink on the barcode from the library isn’t even dry yet before I head in to pick it up. 😉

Here is my current hold list (and if they come in all at once, I may just need to schedule that much needed vacation and take off to a secluded location and read until my eyeglass prescription changes):

Lisa See Elizabeth Koch Rain Visitors Winter

  1. China Dolls by Lisa See. Because Lisa See has never disappointed and it has always been a happy event when a new See comes out!
  2. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey. The title was first to catch my attention (hello! Elizabeth? You’re missing? 😉 ) but the description sounds just as intriguing as the title.
  3. Summerhouse with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch. Author of The Dinner – enough said.
  4. History of the Rain by Niall Williams. Blogger Kimbofo at Reading Matters raved about this book. I tend to believe and agree with many of her recommendations.
  5. The Visitors by Sally Beauman. The cover totally captured my attention and then the description did as well. Was pleasantly surprised to see the WPL bringing this title in.
  6. One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore. An enticing description and again – the WPL is bringing it in!


Are there any titles above that you are anxious to sink into that favourite deck/patio chair with the promise of forthcoming warmer weather, and just read, read, read?

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