Literary Award Season Means a Lot of Library Love!

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The beginning of the literary award season is here! One of the most exciting times of the year for us book lovers right?

With the announcement of the Man Booker 2016 Longlist (July 27, 2016), it seemingly sparks the start of the literary award season – well, perhaps it seems that way for me, but what does follow closely on the Man Booker’s heels is the Giller Prize Longlist announcement in early September, so it’s starting…and nothing gets me more excited than checking out the Longlists for two of the biggest literary awards!

As soon as these announcements are made, I geek right out and get my Goodreads open and ready (to read the book’s descriptions if I am not already aware of them), my library’s Bibliocommons search engine is also open, and my trigger finger is cocked and ready to be the first to Put a Hold on it, should my library have these titles available.

Recently, the Giller Prize folks launched their annual “Crazy for CanLit” contest, and I’ve been all over it already, creating our own annual Crazy for CanLit list based on their offerings. You can view that list in its entirety here on our Pinterest board , specially created for 2016’s titles. I’ve gone ahead and checked the availability for some at the library of the titles that most interested me. Some are not yet available, but I anticipate this list to grow once the official Longlist is announced.

Here is a listing of what I’ve put On Hold already, based on the CanLit titles featured in the Crazy for CanLit list:

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These are the three books I previously put On Hold since I really do want to read them:

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And then, the Man Booker Longlist was announced, but I have to say it’s perhaps one of the most unappealing Longlists since the time Dan Stevens judged in 2012!? I’ve read two on this year’s list already (Eileen and My Name is Lucy Barton.) There is only one on this list that appeals in any way to me, and it just so happens to be Canadian too! That one I actually had from the library when it first came in, but wasn’t able to finish it at that time due to other reading commitments. This more than likely may be the only one I read from this Longlist? That book is Do Not Say We Have Nothing:


What books are you most looking forward to reading from these Literary Award lists? I’m eager to know, just as I’m eager to hear what you think about the Man Booker Longlist!

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