My Giller Prize Shortlist Predictions

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The shortlist will be officially announced on October 5th. I’ve now read 5 of the 14 and have started on the 6th. So again my shortlist predictions are going to mainly be complete guesses for most of it. I’m still working with the expectation that the shortlist will be 6 titles, so here’s what I think it may be (or really what I’m maybe hoping it might be?) :

  • 1. Clyde Fans by Seth
  • 2. How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa
  • 3. Five Little Indians by Michelle Good
  • 4. Dominoes at the Crossroads by Kaie Kellough
  • 5. Ridgerunner, Gil Adamson
  • 6. Consent, Annabel Lyon

Wondering too about things like Annabel Lyon being a finalist in 2009 and a Longlisted author in 2012. Will the jury add her as a finalist over choosing someone that has never been on the list before? So I’m waffling a little on the addition of Consent to the shortlist, but I do hope to see it there. When I started reading Consent, I noticed a few similarities in ways to Lynn Coady’s Watching You Without Me. Naomi has included Coady’s on her Shortlist prediction list and I can see it being either Consent or Watching You Without Me maybe eh? (Lindy plans on posting her predictions on Sunday! It will be so interesting to see how all of ours are different or similar.) And then the true fun begins for the Shadow Giller as we dive deep into the Shortlist and predict our winner before the official announcement in November.

I am guessing at some of these titles, it’s shaping up to be more of a wishlist I think at this point. Really, I haven’t read Dominoes at the Crossroads and I don’t think I’ll be able to get it in before Monday’s announcement. Fingers crossed it’s one of the finalists though.

This is definitely tougher to determine!

My initial thoughts as to the winner? Should I even say that right now? No, let’s wait to see who is on the official shortlist first before I start casting that prediction around, because what happens if that book doesn’t even make it on the shortlist!? :-) I’m completely known for not reading the same books as the official judges and books I think are no-brainers for the shortlist don’t make it there, so my track record isn’t really great here.

Come on October 5th! The anticipation is killing me!