Setting a Personal Netgalley Challenge!

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*e-reader shown above is not the actual e-reader(s) I read on: a Kobo Glo or Samsung tablet are my e-readers

The time has come where I need to set a personal challenge to read the Netgalley books that have been accumulating! Over time I’ve been accepting all of the offers and have also been freely accepting them using their Netgalley widgets. It’s easy, it’s convenient, but it’s also far too easy to forget they’re there waiting for my attention. My e-reading hasn’t been as prodigious as it once used to be. That’s because I’ve been getting into the habit of waiting for the paper copy to come out from the library. But, many times, those books aren’t available that way, so I figured I better turn my attention to all of these e-books that have been multiplying rapidly.

I mentioned three already in my Winter 2018 Most Anticipated, and those should perhaps be the ones I set out to read first?


In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills by Jennifer Haupt, We Were Strangers Once, by Betsy Carter and The Balcony, by Jane Delury.

The rest in the ever swelling piles?


Laura & Emma, by Kate Greathead, My Name is Venus Black, by Heather Lloyd, Winter Sisters, by Robin Oliveira (yes, I realize I have asked for this book in every format from every outlet…it is highly anticipated!) and The Secret to Southern Charm by Kristy Woodson Harvey (could easily have used this one as my cover picture – look at her reading on her tablet on the beach!)


The Italian Party, by Christina Lynch (doesn’t that cover intrigue you the way it does me?), Wallis in Love, by Andrew Morton (we’ll be having an exciting Royal Wedding this year between Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle so this should be fun to read!) and The Unforgotten, by Laura Powell (the cover here again wins me over and the description had me clicking the request button).

As usual, my trigger finger has gotten the best of me! I desperately need months off, locked away in an isolated cabin in the woods to read all of these books! Can I put the blinders on and FOCUS and read through all these wonderful sounding books before every other book starts to pull my attention away? Like all of the paper copies flooding in at the same time? There are just So Many books out right now to read! How to read all the books is a crisis situation we all feel isn’t it? Perhaps I need to create a master reading schedule from now until the start of summer? ;-)

Do any of the above appeal to you? Are they already on your reading lists and piles?