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We are closing the books on a long weekend in Canada – the Victoria Day holiday – otherwise known as May 2-4 weekend. We feel this is the official launch of summer when May 2-4 happens, (coined this because it usually falls on or around the weekend when May 24th falls, but also because there are 24 cans in a case of beer – something consumed in quantity by some this weekend) but typically, like in so many years previous, the long weekend is a chilly, rainy one. This year’s was no exception. Some parts of Ontario even saw tornados!

So, as we welcome this start to summer I thought I would pull together book covers that absolutely scream summer to me. The books appearing below are all ones I’ve read, gleaned from going through my Goodreads Challenges. Some may have insides perfectly suited to summer, some may not, but every single one has a cover that represents those summer feelings completely. This is solely how I chose the covers. There is nothing here about what the stories are inside, it’s only the covers. I’m completely judging books by the cover here. The impetus for this post was when the cover for Tigers in Red Weather popped up. Isn’t that just the perfect one to represent summer?

Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

Tigers in Red Weather. I loved this one! Have you read it? My review was simply ” LOOOVED IT!!” It has this creepy element running under it that I was thrilled by.  

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

A Hundred Summers comes in hot right after Tigers in Red Weather! Don’t you agree?

The Secret Life of Violet Grant, Beatriz Williams
Along the Infinite Sea, Beatriz Williams

Along the Infinite Sea, also by Beatriz Williams. If you’re thinking she writes great summer reads you’d be correct! This was one of my very favourites by Beatriz Williams.

The Dry Grass of August, Anna Jean Mayhew

The Dry Grass of August. Doesn’t this just smack of the waning days of summer in August. Hazy, hot and lazy. This was an excellent story and done exceptionally well in audio, narrated by Karen White.

The Invitation, Lucy Foley

The Invitation. Such an underrated book in my opinion. Foley’s best also in my opinion but it’s often not even considered as they persistently (and annoyingly) say The Hunting Party is her debut. No, her debut into thriller and suspense writing maybe, but I think The Invitation is better.

The Lost Saints of Tennessee, Amy Franklin-Willis

The Lost Saints of Tennessee. Really great southern-lit! How can you not think of summer with this cover?!

Sea Glass, Anita Shreve

Sea Glass. Wonderfully narrated by Kyra Sedgwick. I long to hear another book narrated by her but I haven’t been able to find one!

Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter

Beautiful Ruins. Wouldn’t we all love to spend our summers on the Italian coast?

Schroder, Amity Gage

The cover for Schroder screams swimming in the lake! Another book that seems to fall under the radar, I quite liked this one. Here’s what I had to say about it: “A very good read taken from the male perspective of what happens when your spouse decides they no longer love you and wants a divorce. However, there is a child in the centre, and this person is not one that you have fallen out of love with. A great viewpoint of what happens when Eric Kennedy (Erik Shroder) reaches his breaking point over continuously missed visits with his daughter Meadow, the only person that holds meaning and purpose in his now shredded life.”

Mrs. Hemingway, Naomi Wood

Mrs. Hemingway. While I didn’t care for this book at all, you cannot deny it doesn’t have a summery cover!

The Condition, Jennifer Haigh

The Condition. Another that exudes summer.

Lies and Other Acts of Love, Kristy Woodson Harvey

Lies and Other Acts of Love has a quintessential summer cover no?

The Dazzling Truth, Helen Cullen

The Dazzling Truth. This one kind of reminds me of Dry Grass of August with its hazy, lazy feelings on the cover. This book had tears streaming down my face at its ending.

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett, Annie Lyons

The Brilliant Life of Edudora Honeysett. Hello Summer!! Wonderful, wonderful book too.

The Weekend, Charlotte Wood

The Weekend is another cover showing a quintessential summer scene.

Are you ready for summer? Longing for its hazy, lazy days by the pool or lake or ocean with a wonderful summer book in hand?