What's On Hold at the Library - Early 2021

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Even though I’ve bought more books then ever I still can’t quit the library! The books coming in for 2021 are many and my trigger finger to put them all on hold was on fire!

The problem though, is all those books I wanted to read in 2020 but I still haven’t touched!

Anyway, here are the books I have On Hold (for now), but there are many, many more marked “For Later”. That just made me laugh out loud. How much later Penny?

The City of Tears

The City of Tears is a book I’ve had on hold since last year! I absolutely loved, loved The Burning Chambers so I’m waiting patiently for this next in the trilogy to arrive in January. (Didn’t realize it would reach here until 2021) Hopefully it’s coming in January – my hold runs out of time in February, proving I’ve had this book on hold for so long!


From the widely renowned author Andrew O’Hagan, a heartbreaking novel of an extraordinary lifelong friendship.

Everyone has a Tully Dawson: the friend who defines your life.

In the summer of 1986, in a small Scottish town, James and Tully ignite a brilliant friendship based on music, films and the rebel spirit. 

Now wouldn’t you put that on your TBR??

We Begin at the End

A novel I’ve seen nothing but great love for on Twitter – from authors to celebrities, this seemed to THE book everyone has been reading and raving about.

Walking With Ghosts

Oh yes! Of course I want to read this one!


I STILL have to read O’Connor’s Miss Emily which has sat on my shelf for years! Nora is a reimagining of the life of Nora and James Joyce.

Waiting for the Night Song

I also still have to read Where the Crawdads Sing and this was sent to me via Netgalley as a similar kind of book that might interest me.

That Old Country Music

This is another one I blame on Twitter. A short story collection with many raves. Plus, said to be “stories of contemporary Ireland” hooked me!


I have two of Sarah Moss’ books on my shelf, Bodies of Light and Tidal Zone. Could Summerwater be the one I finally read? (A strong possibility since it’s coming from the library and with a time limit.)

Becoming Leidah

This one I saw on a list of offerings from Simon & Schuster Canada.

An utterly gripping love story set in nineteenth-century Norway, about a woman rescued from the sea, the fisherman who marries her, their tiny and unusually gifted daughter, and the shapeshifter who follows their every move.

Doesn’t that sound magical?

A Town Called Solace

A new Mary Lawson!!! That is all.

And aren’t you singing “A Town Called Malice” by the Jam when you read the title?

The Lamplighters

Cornwall, 1972. Three keepers vanish from a remote lighthouse, miles from the shore. The entrance door is locked from the inside. The clocks have stopped. The Principal Keeper’s weather log describes a mighty storm, but the skies have been clear all week.

Sounds spooky and intriguing! Great cover too!

The Dictionary of Lost Words

In 1901, the word ‘Bondmaid’ was discovered missing from the Oxford English Dictionary. This is the story of the girl who stole it.

And who can resist that cover?

The Kitchen Front

Another to blame from seeing it mentioned on Twitter.

But who could resist this? Four women compete for a spot hosting a wartime cookery program called The Kitchen Front – based on the actual BBC program of the same name – as well as a chance to better their lives.

And yes, I do have The Chilbury Ladies Choir sitting (unread of course) on my shelf too. Help me.

When the Skies Go Dark

A thriller by Paula McLain? Count me intrigued! Her writing in Circling the Sun was divine, so I’m hotly anticipating what this one will have to offer.

The Sanatorium

That cover made me do it! And this description ensured it was added to the TBR and put on hold! A chilling, atmospheric novel in which a female detective must uncover the truth behind a luxury hotel’s dark past and stop the killer in their midst.

November Rain

I read the first in this new series by Maureen Jennings and really enjoyed it, so adding this one was a no-brainer!

Sorrow and Bliss

You’ll always hook me with the Eleanor Oliphant comparison – this one is supposed to be “spiky, sharp and dark”, so we’ll see how it goes!

So there is what I have On Hold right now at the library. However, there are a TON of books the library is bringing in and I’ve put so very many more posted to the “For Later” shelf. It’s overwhelming for sure!

Here is just a brief list of those titles:

  • In Search of a Name by Marjolijn van Heemstra (translated from the Dutch by Jonathan Reeder.
  • Zorrie by Laird Hunt
  • A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes
  • Nighthawking by Russ Thomas
  • The Sweet Tastes of Muscadines by Pamela Terry
  • Leonora in the Morning Light by Michaela Carter
  • The Fourth Child by Jessica Winter
  • The Invisible Woman by Erika Robuck
  • The Mission House by Carys Davies
  • What the Darkness Knows by Arnaldur Indridason
  • Light Through the Leaves by Glendy Vanderah
  • The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin
  • The Good Father by Wayne Grady
  • Gutter Child by Jael Richardson
  • Stella by Takis Wurger
  • The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox
  • Speak, Silence by Kim Echlin
  • Nine Lives Of Rose Napolitano by Donna Freitas
  • The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson
  • Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian
  • Ordesa by Manuel Vilas

Okay! I’ll stop! You’re getting the point though right? I need serious help. Still looking for a way to be paid to just read all day.

What books have you excited for 2021?