Penny's Backlist Reading Challenge

Keep Calm and Think What to Read Next: now you know that can be a difficult thing to keep calm about over here with the amount of book hoarding that goes on! So many lists for 2014 have already had me hurriedly adding to the TBR lists, but then I started looking at allllll those books sitting on my shelves, the Kobo, on the “For Later” shelf at the library, etc. and decided that I needed to create some kind of “Backlist Challenge” for myself.

I’ve compiled lists (that seemed to keep growing) broken down by “Category” from Library titles, Kobo titles, NetGalley titles and Home titles. Now the challenge for me is how to choose from each of those lists and how desperately not to stray tooooo much from them. The book covers only are showing below, they are not linked to anything, only to give a visual of what I put on my lists. I would ask for suggestions but then I’m so afraid I would quickly fall off track! Your comments are always welcomed however on what you think my selected titles. 

And, yes, I’ve already started to panic. ;-) And I’ve panicked because this isn’t even reflecting books sent to us to review. Those have to be slotted in there too! Also, this doesn’t even begin to really touch the number of books that remain in these categories. But, it’s a very nice start non?

Windsor Public Library Titles

Doctor Z  Perdita  Oakpine  Snow Hunters  Me Who Dove  a far piece  Tilted Place  Mr Lynch  A Marker

NetGalley Titles

We’ve been feeling very guilty about the “Netgalley” thing. Quite a few books have been requested and granted that then suffer from being added to the piles but haven’t quite been able to read them. That, and they come in that horribly disappointing PDF format and we are forced to wait for them to come out in hard copy or ePub. However, by doing this our review score to request score is grossly unbalanced. :-( So going to make a concerted effort to read these titles! There was a reason we requested in the first place right?

Notorious  Mrs Poe  Ashford  Wife Maid  Ten White Geese  Shadow Queen  Mourning Hours  Flat Water  Elephant Keeper's

KOBO Titles

Cataract  Burial Rites  Round House  Birdfishes  Bird in Snow  Thief  Baker's Daughter  Gillespie  Fine Balance

At Home on the Shelves Titles

Anger  Broken  Kitchen  Midwives  Purge  Sea Captain  Skeletons  Snow Child  Time

After choosing the books, and then uploading their book covers, isn’t that something else that each Category has Nine (9) books? That was not in any way done consciously! I swear! Seeing that it amounts to 36 books in total, that does still allow me plenty of room for the various review books and book club selections throughout the year.

I’ll have to print this page and stick it by the bookshelves for easy reference and to keep me on track.