Is it me, or is reading the new vogue?

For the Literary Hoarders, it’s no secret that reading is a serious passion. We’ve posted pictures of the books teetering in corners, on bookshelves, or in my house, neatly lined up, but starting to take over the living room wall unit. :-)

I am a frequent visitor to my public library’s website. I just absolutely need to know..did they release any new ebooks? (Although, I find they are quite slow in this medium…it’s usually only about once a month that this portion of the site is updated with their new titles) and how about new books, audiobooks or DVDs?

Also, is it me, or is the library rocking the titles lately? Each time I check I am amazed at the new, latest, hottest titles are there waiting for me! My To Read List at the public library is tremendous! And it’s incredible to see how closely it matches my To Read List on Goodreads.

Well this morning I checked the ebooks (nope, nothing new, **sigh**) and then looked to see New Titles in Books in the Last 7 Days. Well holy moley, we hit the jackpot there!¬†But….it also¬†seems that others have been swift to check as well! Not only are ALL the latest and greatest showing, they have a growing number of patrons waiting in line to read them as well. Here is just a sampling of the larger numbers of people waiting in line… (now Windsor isn’t an enormous city, so seeing numbers like these posted beside a book is pretty impressive, well at least to me it was).

These titles all have either 10 going up to 18 people placing a hold on them.

The Leftovers

Remember too, that October is the Canadian Public Library Month and I’ll just give a shout out to our Windsor Public Library for keeping this Literary Hoarders needs fed with excellent titles!

It’s good to see that the use of the public library is a continuing and growing thing. It really is where all the cool kids hang out!

And if this were my public library, you wouldn’t be able to keep me away!

(Kansas City, MO)