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I was browsing through my Kobo library (why? it’s not like I don’t already have a book in front of me to read!) and noticed that some of the books in my library contain a “bird” theme, either with birds in the title or have content including birds. Then I also recalled this earlier observation about some of this year’s Canlit titles and their fascination with bears. ;-)

Just for some fun, below are the titles in my Kobo (I know, I will read these soon!) that have some type of feathery relationship and the Canlit titles released this year that either have bears on their covers and/or have a bear in the content of their stories:

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A Siege of Bitterns, by Steve Burrows: I purchased this book based on the review found here at Pickle Me This. This one is coined a “Birder Mystery”;

In the Land of Birdfishes, by Rebecca Silver Slayter: this was purchased last year and was a highly anticipated read, really should get to this one soon!;

The Sparrows of Edward Street, by Elizabeth Stead: I really have no idea when I bought this one!;

The Woefield Poultry Collective, by Susan Juby: I know I bought this one based more than anything because of my absolute love for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and it seemed like a similar type of read.

Earlier this year, I also read Bird in Snow, by Michael Harding and listened to The Snow Goose, by Paul Gallico (have you listened to this one yet? It was so beautiful!) as well as reading Ten White Geese, by Gerbrand Bakker, so that it would appear I do love the birds in my books!

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And, the cover for The Indian Shirt Story, by Heather Lockman (which is also being read for the Great Summer Reading Program) features this majestic Big Blue Heron:


Now, on  to the bears!

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No Relation, by Terry Fallis: this one is on the shelf and will be read as it was included in our Great Summer Reading Program;

The Bear, by Claire Cameron: this one had a whole lot of buzz around it and I WAS going to be listening to this one in audio, however, the format wasn’t right for my phone, so I may have to pick up in paper format;

All the Broken Things, by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer: I did read this one and the review is here.

Not a Canlit title, but I also did recently read Off Course, by Michelle Huneven which features a bear on her cover and in the story as well:


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