In pictures: why we have a blog about book hoarding

I found my daughter standing before this wall unit in the living room, counting. She then proceeded to tell me how many books I have sitting there. I quickly scurried from the room before I could properly hear the count. All I know is:

1.) I forgot to take a shot of the 3 on the very top of this shelf;

2.) This does not include the “shipment” that is coming in from fellow hoarder, Elizabeth this week;

3.) It took 5 clicks to capture all of them;

4.) At least they are neatly displayed;

5.) I’m pretty sure I have a few more hiding in the closet that for some reason didn’t make the cut to be brought down to the shelf.

Sitting on top of this pile is my Kobo, which I have listed what sits on there waiting for me in a previous post. However, I’ve added to that list recently!

So many great books just sitting there waiting…waiting….waiting….I really should just start from the left and continue reading.

But as Elizabeth mentioned after my comment this weekend about starting the next Goodreads Reading Challenge and combining it with a Reading From Home Challenge, WHERE is the fun in not adding more to the shelf/pile/tower/closet??

Let me know if there is anything there you wish to borrow! :-)

And again, insert me here as this is where I dream (ought) to be today….