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“It’s almost October. Shouldn’t the maple leaves be changing color?” ~Emma

Happy First Day of Fall! The most wonderful time of the year (in my opinion) where the books seemingly fall into our laps as fast as the leaves start falling from the trees! At least, that’s how it feels to me at the moment.

Earlier, I created a (Canlit-filled) Fall Reading Schedule, and I am plugging along quite nicely there, but of course with announcements of more book awards, library holds coming in and new books catching my eye, there has been additions made to the original schedule. :-) Of course!

Referring to the Fall Reading Schedule, I have knocked off After James, The Dollhouse, The Orphan Mother, Stranger, and I’m currently reading The Ballroom, have Strange Things Done out from the library, and The Break is soon to arrive from the library as well. I also took out The Gentleman in Moscow from the library, because, well – new Amor Towles! So, not too shabby already right? I’m staying on track. :-)

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Then, I was tagged to check out the new Edelweiss+ site, a place I haven’t been to in ages to request books, but wow, Edelweiss certainly made some wonderful changes. It was like unleashing a kid in the candy shop though – I couldn’t leave without requesting a stack of books. *insert wide eyes here*. Already, many of my requests have come through too! So I need to make sure after finishing the books mentioned above, that I start reading these titles before their time expires! (What is super thrilling for me is that all the e-books have arrived in ePub format! Huzzah! Kobo reading time here we come!)

Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan, Swimming Lessons, and The Spy, have all been approved already. I’ve also requested The Signal Flame, The Stolen Child, The Patriots, and Red Leaves. It’s like potato chips! Can never just request/ eat one!

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And since joining Litsy, my TBR explodes because of the recommendations and reviews shown. So many wonderful books are mentioned and I’ve added many to my list recently, and then more award-long-and-short-lists have been announced, so I’ve been requesting even more from the library! These are a few of the books I’ve also added to my TBR / library holds recently.

Whispering Shadows, The Association of Small Bombs, The Parcel, The Keeper of Lost Things, No Man’s Land, and The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living. Litsy is dangerous, I’m telling you!

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Also on Litsy, they have feature days like, #bookssetbythesea, #booksbywomen #translatedbooks and I’ve been going down to look at my own shelves and compiling my lists/posts to participate in these features. This has left me realizing I have So Many Books at home here to read! I really need to start reading harder from my own shelves!

Here’s to hoping your own Fall Reading is shaping up to be a thing of beauty and greatness! Excuse me now, I have a lot of reading to do :-) And what’s going to make it extra special is when the temperatures start to drop dramatically, meaning all of this reading will just have to be done by a cozy fire! It doesn’t get any better!

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