Our Reading Challenges and Goals for 2012

Well, it’s now 2012 and we’ve signed up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge again. And new this year, just signed on for the Harper Collins Canada 50bookPledge . Released today, it looks like fun and may challenge us to read more from the Canadian bookshelves (although 2011 was already a stellar year for Canadian authors).

Although too many times we felt a huge amount of pressure and anxiety to meet the challenge, many of us did start later in the year so realistically couldn’t finish it in regards to reading that much in a 12-month time-period.

It was fun though, and at the end of this year, it was interesting to look back and see what was read. A little pressure wouldn’t hurt anyway! You can watch our progress throughout the year, on your right….

Penny has challenged herself to 65. That’s an increase of 5 from the 2011 challenge. I met the 60 book challenge but I know I could not have done it really without those audio books. 2011 was the year I discovered the audiobook and I cannot see myself stopping that fun! Reading 1,000 page tomes however will indeed make it harder to meet the challenge (thank you 1Q84) but I also don’t want to see myself choosing a book just because it’s short! 🙂 AND if I don’t read Mists of Avalon this year, a certain friendship may be in jeopardy!

My goal this year is also to “read from home”! I have many, many, many great ones sitting on the shelves begging to be read – I mean, it’s the reason for buying them in the first place. I’d like to challenge myself to spend more time reading from my TBR at home and on the Kobo this year, preferably before buying any more. THAT will be freaking difficult, but I’m gonna try! There is also the challenge to read all the amazing titles that Windsor Public Library is bringing in. That could be it’s own challenge! I could honestly read 100% from the lists I’ve made sitting at WPL alone.

Jackie has also challenged herself to 65 books. Even tho i fell short in 2011 (51 of my 60 book goal) I don’t think that this will be a problem. Looking back at my reading dates I seem to be much more likely to read inside, under a blanket with a cat on my lap in the wintry months than when it is nice outside so i will need to keep up my pace in the spring/summer months. Agree with Penny– audiobooks are a must because there are just too many damn good books out there that i want to get to!!

I also plan to read from the TBR piles (in the nooks and on the shelves) or from the WPL as 2012 has also been declared the BUDGET YEAR in our house!!! I literally have 100s of books waiting– some that have been hanging around for WAY too long! i will offer myself one treat/new book a month to buy so i will have to make every purchase count (YIKES that is only 12 new books for the year!!!) Raiding other Hoarders book shelves should also help in keeping the budget in check! *wink wink*

Elizabeth has signed up for 65 as well, which will indeed be a challenge, since I have a few 1,000+ page books on my to-read list in 2012!  (1Q84, Mists of Avalon and Under the Dome.)  I need to take on audio books like my fellow hoarders, or I’ll fall short.  I started my 2011 Challenge in June last year, which was much too late.  Not making that mistake again!  There are several books that I’m anxious for this year, including the release of Rosamund Lupton’s Afterwards (April ’12), and John Irving’s In One Person (May ’12).  However, with the enormous piles of wonderful books waiting for me on my shelves at home, and on my Nook, I should be able to hit the goal without having to purchase any more.  HAHAhahahahaha!!  Whew.  That was a good one.

2012 will also see us blogging for the full year. We just started this adventure in 2011 and it’s been a thrilling ride so far. We appreciate all those that read the reviews and musings and comment.  We hope you keep them coming! Thanks for your support and interest.

Happy Reading!