The Literary Hoarders graciously accept review copies from authors, publishing houses, and literary agents. We have created individual Reading Profiles that detail our likes and dislikes. We have also created an overall review policy (below). We do ask that you please keep this in mind when connecting with us. We will make every effort to respond to each request. Although there are two of us, we can make no promises or guarantees about turning a review around within a limited time span. If you have a review deadline, please let us know as soon as possible. We will endeavor to meet your goal. Once your story is in our hands, you have our full attention. The Literary Hoarder mantra is to give our honest opinions about books and audiobooks, as this is what our followers have come to expect. We are located in two separate countries: Canada and the United States. As such, we are able to receive books from both Canadian and US publishers. Our review copy preference is print copy and ePUB format ebooks. We have mailing addresses that allow us to receive from both countries. Thank you for visiting our site!

Our E-Reading Preferences

• We are PDF-Free Reviewers: reading PDFs on our e-readers is near impossible • ePubs (or hard copy books) are most appreciated! • We are Kindle-free gals! • We are Kobo and Nook gals! • Listening is done on iPhone or CDs

We Politely Decline

• No Vampires, Werewolves or 50-Shades-of-Anything • No Bodice-Ripping Romances • No “I Published it Myself!” Titles please • No Self-Congratulatory Biographies please • No Self-Help Titles please

Hoarders Do Not

• While we are very active on Goodreads, we will not link our reviews to Goodreads. We will rate and say a little something about the book, but if you wish to see the full review, you’ll just have to visit our site. Why? Because our reviews are simply that – ours – not theirs. • We will not post our reviews to Amazon (same reason as above). • We also do not take part in blog hops or weekly memes, etc. We cannot guarantee a book will be read and reviewed in the same timeline as a scheduled blog hop. Therefore, we do not take on the commitment to participate in a scheduled timeline.