20 Books of Summer 2019

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It’s only 3 weeks away! The start of June marks the start of the 20 Books of Summer challenge! I am so not ready, how can it be only 3 weeks away? The 20 Books of Summer is a lovely challenge created by Cathy at 746 Books where you read 20 books in the summer months from Monday, June 3 to Monday, September 3rd. Read only 5, 10 or the full 20 – the choice is yours!

What might this year’s list look like? I feel I should pick only 10 and then let the rest organically find their way to me like they always seem to do over the course of this challenge…although I could easily find 20 from my shelf and mainly review books from Netgalley, etc. So let’s go with the “Full Monty” of 20 for now and we’ll see how it shakes down over the course of this summer. (You know I’m going to stray from this list!)

Like I said, I could easily fill this list with my Netgalley books since there are so many that feel like perfect summertime reading. I will also put a couple of the books that have appeared each year on this list, but remain unread by the end of the challenge such as, Middlemarch and East of Eden. I WILL read Middlemarch this summer because it just feels like it’s the kind of book I’m craving and needing right now.

This was what I planned on reading last year. I did also start this challenge the year before, but didn’t write anything up about it. I did take a picture however of what I planned on reading, which is below. When I look back on this picture, I can say that I’ve read quite a few of them! Mind you, not for that particular summer challenge though… 😉

I have read Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear, Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. Deafening by Frances Itani (wait I did read that in the summer?), I know I read The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam in the summer. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (LOVED it) and The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (LOVED it too!). So hey – not bad really from this list! So it makes me feel great that I am reading through books that I have on my shelves.

From last year’s list…pretty abysmal effort there however — I was easily distracted last year! I did read The Heaviness of Things That Float by Jennifer Manual, A Student of Weather by Elizabeth Hay and The House at the Edge of the Night by Catherine Banner. But that’s it from my original list of 20!

What’s on the list for 2019? (And I’m going to list more than 20 because there are books on my Kobo and on my shelf that I want to try and get to this summer.)

If we take the ones that were on the list previously:

I’ve got some books that would make for great summer reading on my Kobo and in paperback and some also fit nicely into the Reading Women Challenge I’m quite behind on:

The rest are Netgalley books, but oh there are so many that I’m really looking forward to reading and sound like great summertime books too!

Okay, not too many extras – I added 3 for a total of 23 books. I’m going to read more than 23 over the three months I’m sure, so I’ll have to monitor myself and really hope I stick with this list – it’s a good one for this year I think?!

There’s a lot of great and epic sounding books here. I’m finding I’m begging for these epic and all-consuming books lately. I’m praying for wonderful hits this summer like the one book I will always associate awesome summer reading with – The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson. Oh how I swooned for that one. I said it was great, sweeping, epic and wonderful. I so desperately want that with my whole everything. I’m really, really, really hoping Hoffman’s newest delivers that swoon too. It certainly sounds like it could – I’m all tingly with anticipation that the writing inside The World That We Knew is like the buttery greatness found inside The Dovekeepers. Same goes for This Tender Land by William Kent Kreuger. Ordinary Grace was a 5-star read and one I said was splendid and fully invested in when reading. I’m hoping This Tender Land delivers another fantastic reading experience like Ordinary Grace.

Calling all book hangovers! Hoping these 23 books give me all the book hangovers I can handle!