Results of our Net Galley Knock Down Challenge

Back at the beginning of July we decided to sign on to Pretty Deadly Reviews Net Galley Knock Down Challenge. We had many galleys waiting for our attention (and, well, still do too) so this was a beautiful opportunity to knock some off the list. It would also knock some reviews out of the way before we started on our BookerMarks collaboration as well. I think we fared pretty well in knocking out some of the titles that have been waiting for us and we also reviewed some Stellar reads and well, some duds too.

Below are the books we read, and if you click on the cover it will take you to our reviews:

so, all around, not too shabby for a one-month challenge! :-)

We’re now knee deep (neck deep??) in the BookerMarks collaboration, which will take us in to the Fall dates when the short list and subsequent winner of the Man Booker Prize is announced. So for us, this will be the biggest challenge and reviews we will be taking on for the next little while. But the Net Galley Knock Down challenge was fun and thank you to Pretty Deadly Reviews for calling our attention to it.