The End of Harry Potter

First thoughts of the last Harry Potter movie– The Deathly Hallows Part II? It could have been better!

I will start off by saying that i am always a cynic when it comes to books made into movies (and i try so hard not to be) but this time they really did miss 2 vital parts for me. I thought that Part I did a great job of setting things up– it was very dark, creepy and building, Part II was supposed to be for the explanation of Dumbledore and his family and the Battle of Hogwarts both of which, in my opinion, fell short.

Dumbledore leaving Harry the task of destroying Lord Voldemort’s horcruxes (bits of his soul hidden in inanimate objects) with little or no explanation made Harry question everything he ever knew about him. By the time they found the third horcrux he was PISSED at Dumbledore. How Harry got to the point of forgiving him was essential to why he chose to face death rather than run away. To get to that point the Dumbledore family tragedy needed to be explained. This was not done.

Also, at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts Voldemort just breaks apart– with no one to witness but Ron and Hermione whereas in the book all of the characters (that lived) were watching and would witness the Dark Lord’s fall (how dramatic!!)! Then back up to Dumbledore’s office for more explanations regarding the Hallows and what should be done with them. In the movie left it all up to Harry– it made him look like a super hero. The charm of Harry Potter is that he was not that at all– just a willful teenager with lots of good friends and a great sense of right and wrong. He needed everyone he had around him to help achieve what he did.

I must say that the film LOOKED great– the special effects were amazing and everything was exactly as i pictured in the book– but it could have been so much more! BUT– this is only first thoughts– i plan on seeing it again real soon and perhaps i’ll change my tune! What did you all think?

PS. My fellow Hoarders NEED to read the HP series!! Sooooooo good– you’ll never look at the movies the same!!