Speed Reading - 3 reviews

FREAKING OUT!!! only 2 weeks to go and i am 13 books behind on my Goodreads goal of 60 read in 2011! i don’t think i have a chance for 60 but if i can do 50 at least i will be at 80%– that is still an A, RIGHT???!!


The Ice Queen – 2 stars. After reading the BRILLIANT book The Dovekeepers i was super excited to start another Alice Hoffman book and i have to say i was a bit disappointed in this one. i thought it was ok– her writing is just EXCELLENT– but the story was fairly depressing and i don’t think that i ever felt anything for the main character (a nameless girl who makes a wish she regrets and ends up getting struck by lightning). in the end nothing happens and you don’t really care. Still interested in more Hoffman tho– i think i will read the one Liz read next (Incantation)– she gave it a 4 star review!!

The Tipping Point – 3 stars. This one i listened to in the car– i think that it was an abridged version because it didn’t seem as long as the book. Still, very interesting. We chatted about reading this book at work for managerial ideas and i did think that some of the concepts could make a workplace more successful and “employee friendly”. The idea is that if you find all of the ingredients to get an idea, product or attitude to “tip” and become a “word of mouth epidemic” you can gain much success in a very short time.

Foreigner – 2 stars. i must admit i picked this book because it was short but i think that that was the problem– it was TOO short! Again, beautifully written but i found it to be way too rushed and i never did feel much for the main character (Fari– an Iranian woman who had moved to America and returns home for a visit and “finds” herself). I wanted to know more but then the book ended. Rachlin’s Persian Girls is a way better read if you want to read about life for women in Iran.

ok– enough chatter!! i have reading to do!!!