Audiobook Review: A Land More Kind Than Home

This book has it all!! Crazy Southerners, a religious cult, a charlatan in preacher’s clothes, mysterious deaths, cheating spouses, a stoic sheriff, a nosy old lady, domestic violence, a┬ádrunk grandfather, a mute child and kissing snakes in the name of Jesus– WOW!! By the end you were holding your breath waiting for the next Jack-in-the-box surprise to pop out at you!! It was all so masterfully done!

Audio was DEFINITELY the way to go for this one– Blackstone Audio had 3 FANTASTIC narrators in Nick Sullivan, Lorna Raver and Mark Bramhall. The story is told from 3 different perspectives and there was a narrator for each one. This made the story come to life all that much more! Such a great job!!

Penny wrote a wonderful review of this book a couple of months ago and I really could not say any more than that except: well done to Wiley Cash for a fantastic first novel and go and get the audiobook ASAP!! 4 stars for me. Penny’s far superior review here!