Audiobook Review: The Other Side of Midnight

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Once again, Mary Jane Wells delivers a splendid performance of Simone St. James’ latest, The Other Side of Midnight! I was so pleased to see she was back to read again, as she did for St. James’ Silence for the Dead. Thank you to Audiobook Jukebox and Blackstone Audio for granting us this audiobook.

I was quite quickly pulled into the story on this one too – a very engaging start for certain. We’re in London in 1925 and Ellie Winter has been contacted by a former friend’s Gloria Sutter’s last surviving brother to help find Gloria’s murderer. The three other brothers of Gloria have all been killed in the Great War.

Ellie and Gloria were once very close friends, but a betrayal on Gloria’s part ended that relationship. Gloria is a well known medium and has been murdered following a séance she was conducting. For some unknown reason (to Ellie for certain) Gloria left a note behind before the séance was to take place requesting that that Ellie “find her.”

Ellie is a medium as well, but has refused to do the work that Gloria was involved in before her death – that of contacting loved ones that have been killed during the war. Ellie works only as a person that will help her clients find lost items, but never does she contact the dead.

Completely drawn in and intrigued as to why Gloria would leave her a note to find her, and this following years of a bitter rivalry between them, Ellie sets out to piece together Gloria’s final days leading up to her murder. Here she is put in contact again with a James Hawley, the super handsome, but oh so loathsome man that works to debunk psychics.

Together they form a partnership to piece together any reason for why Gloria would have been murdered. As much as Ellie is loathe to work with James, she also cannot help but feel immensely attracted to him. Of course I’ll stop there, because I wouldn’t ruin the mystery now would I?

The Other Side of Midnight was another grand story by St. James’, and I enjoyed this one as much as I did Silence for the Dead! Each of the characters, the plot, the mystery were all very engaging and coupled with Mary Jane Wells’ narration, it makes for an excellent story and highly enjoyable audiobook! Mary Jane Wells rightly earns the description where she is said to “perform” the story, as she speaks with fantastic emotion and provides a fully entertaining narration.

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