Tear Soaked Review: A Monster Calls

The monster showed up just after midnight. As they do.

Ok. This is a YA book. You hear that it will make you cry. You start to read. You know what is going to happen from page one. You think, WOW! Brilliant illustrations but you get somewhat nervous that the story will be too juvenile; possibly contrived. You keep reading.

You get to know Connor. He is a boy with a recurring nightmare. You meet The Monster. He is not part of the nightmare– the nightmare is much worse. The Monster will tell three stories. Then Connor must tell his own story and it HAS to be the truth. Sounds odd.

Connor has a bully at school– a total sociopath. His only friend tries to help. He won’t have it. He isolates his friend. The teachers just look at him, with that look in their eyes.  The Monster visits and tells the first story. Confusing.

He has to stay at Grandma’s house now. It is too neat in there. His dad comes to visit. He keeps calling him “sport” or “champ”. He sounds like an American movie. There is a lot of anger. The Monster visits again with the second story. Frustrating.

Connor turns invisible. There is a major altercation with the bully. So much damage. It must have been The Monster. There is no punishment. How could there be?

They are in the nightmare. The Monster’s last story is told. It is time for Connor’s truth. It is hard to hear but it has to come out. And when it does you find yourself WEEPING!

Brilliantly crafted! Heartbreakingly wonderful! Finished it in one sitting.