It Begins in Betrayal, Iona Whishaw

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Iona Whishaw: “I like my female protagonists to be strong”

Absolutely fantastic!

I’m thrilled to have been introduced to a new mystery series, and to such a completely fantastic Canadian one too! Thank you to Touchwood Editions for popping this one in the mail. I love a good mystery series and especially ones with a smart and snappy female sleuth leading the charge. While I started this with the 4th in the series, I was not lost at all, and it only means I get to go back and soak in Lane Winslow during her war heyday work. Lane was a spy and the little taste of her past we got in It Begins in Betrayal was far more satisfying and intriguing than a certain buzzed about spy book released this year. 😉 Therefore, since Betrayal happens post-war, the chance to delve deeper into her exploits in espionage for England in #1-3 of the series has me wildly excited to snap them up.

Everything about It Begins in Betrayal was completely satisfying: the complex plot, the layered stories, and the dialogue and banter was so well-done and extremely enjoyable, there were many times where I had a smile on my face. The characters are excellently drawn and comfortable and familiar with each other. Absolutely and completely enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to continuing with the series and to starting at the beginning (this was #4 in the series). Lane Winslow is a great character! I might continue to read A Sorrowful Sanctuary (#5) first before moving back to the first, A Killer in King’s Cove.

I’m now completely hooked and a giant fan.

#6 in the series, A Deceptive Devotion, comes out in April 2019 too. I am so very excited to continue with this wonderful series.