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A Sorrowful Sanctuary, Lane Winslow #5

I read the two latest Lane Winslow mysteries almost back-to-back. A Sorrowful Sanctuary was #5 in the series and A Deceptive Devotion was #6, and is the latest in the series. I continue to be delighted by this series, I absolutely love the characters of Lane, Darling and Ames and thank Touchwood Editions for introducing me to this wonderful Canadian mystery series!

A Sorrowful Sanctuary contains the banter and easy conversation between Lane, Darling and Ames that I have grown to adore. It’s natural, it’s comfortable and I always feel like I’m sitting nearby, and I think Whishaw absolutely shines here writing some of the best dialogue I’ve read ever. Although the mystery here was a bit wishy-washy, or it kind of fizzled out by the time it ended, it didn’t take away any love I have for this series. A Sorrowful Sanctuary continues to shine its light on post-WWII issues in Canada wonderfully. This time Lane finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation “that rings with alarming echoes of the war” thought to have been left behind with its fascism and swastikas. It wouldn’t be that convoluted is the right word to use here, perhaps it was just that it didn’t seem to come too together for me. Or, it didn’t lack the oomph that say, was found in my introduction to Lane Winslow, It Begins in Betrayal.

A Deceptive Devotion #6

Now, A Deceptive Devotion has now become one of my favourites in this series! Like It Begins in Betrayal I thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest instalment. The title is perfectly stated because it works very well with the story found inside. Upon closing the pages the title really rings with its significance. This instalment brings us towards the beginning rumblings of the Cold War. While WWII has ended, spies remain and this is a story of Russian spies filtering in and found in Canada and Britain. As we read last, Lane was being courted by the Russians to cross over and spy for them. Something she vigorously dismissed and reaffirmed her intense desire to leave that former life well behind her so that she can settle in firmly in King’s Cove. The mystery in A Deceptive Devotion, and the characters involved, were more engrossing and kept me guessing more than any of the other Winslow mysteries have. Ames also has more of an independent role in helping Darling while he’s out in Vancouver taking his Sergeant’s exam, and Lane and Darling are getting married! There is another great history lesson about post-war Canada and in this case, Russian involvement and immigration and the developing Cold War.

My enthusiasm was high while reading A Deceptive Devotion. As I mentioned above, this one and It Begins in Betrayal are my favourites! I genuinely love the characters, their banter, how comfortable I am with them while reading. I of course look forward to spending more time with Lane, Darling and (now Sergeant) Ames.